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Vígdís Freedom supports lawyers who represent human rights defenders.


Human rights defenders are people who champion and fight for human rights of other people. Human rights defenders challenge brutality, oppression and injustice in every part of the world, often risking their lives to expose abuses and hold powerful people to account.


Vígdís Freedom supports lawyers working on cases for human right defenders who strive for equal legal rights and freedom of expression provided that they have neither used nor advocated illicit violence.

Vígdís Freedom supports lawyers who represents human rights defenders

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• Article 10 in the UN Human Rights declaration states that:
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent

and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.


The work of Vigdis Freedom is based on:

• Rule of law
• Freedom of expression
• The right to legal representation
• Equal legal rights


Vígdís Freedom?

In the norse mythology, Vigdis was a valkyrie who protected those who fought. The name Vigdis is composed of two elements; vig and dis.

“Vig” denotes a protective fight or war,  while dis is a female protective spirit. This embodies the essence of our fight to promote freedom.


The foundation is located in Oslo, Norway and was established by Norwegian lawyer and politician Anne Christine Kroepelien.



Respect for the rule of law is a fundamental principle of a democracy based on universal human rights. Freedom of speech and a free press are necessary conditions for human rights.  Democracy is weakened by attacks on the free and independent press and lawyers.


Vigdis Freedom is arranging a symposium on the premises of Fritt Ord (the date will be fixed in the beginning of August 2019).

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